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Dial Plan L

     We have experienced rapid increase in usage following the new year and are
occasionally going over capacity in the Oakland, Seattle, and Tukwila POPs.
Oakland serves Oakland, SF, and central California, Seattle serves just
Seattle, and Tukwila serves most of Western WA except Seattle.

     Additional ports have been ordered for these three POPs.  The additional
ports for Oakland should be in in about two days, Seattle about ten, and
Tukwila about 12.

     There is also a problem with the IP pool in Tukwila that I discovered
tonight where at some point ports were added but IP's weren't so there are five
fewer IP's than ports which can cause IP assignment failures during busy hours.
We are working to get this corrected.

     These problems are most severe between the hours of 8pm and 9:30pm which
are our busiest hours in terms of dialup traffic.

     Additionally we have added about half a dozen national carriers to dial
plan L to provide coverage in those areas where we don't have our own POPs.
These numbers aren't up on the website yet but will be in the next few days.