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Dial plan L Tukwila

     Sunday we ran into capacity overrun in the Tukwila POP that serves the
area surrounding Seattle but not Seattle proper.

     Additional lines were on order but were not added yet.  They were added
today around noon, so that should address the existing capacity issue.

     However, we have a number of users also queued to move into this pool, but
we also have additional lines on order that should be in place by the 25th.

     I'm going to be adding users slowly and watching usage carefully to avoid
going over before these lines go in.  If you are one of the people who recently
agreed or requested to be switched from another dial plan to plan L, and you're
in an area served by this POP, please know that you're not being ignored, but I
am delaying moving these accounts and moving them slowly to avoid overshooting
capacity again until the next order is completed.

     In an unrelated problem, the RAS server serving this area had some sort of
software fit and busied out all the modems and had to be re-loaded around 7pm
tonight.  This is the first time we've experienced this since August of last
year so not a frequent problem.