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Dial plan A/B/D/E Out of Service

> To:, <>
> Subject: Dial plan A/B/D/E Out of Service
> From: Nanook <>
> Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 22:15:41 -0800
> Newsgroups: lobby,announcements
>      Users on dial plan A (YNP) and dial plan B (UUNET/MCI/WorldCom) are
> failing to authenticate.
>      We are unable to reach the administrative website at YourNetPlus, the
> domain doesn't even resolve right now.  It would appear that YNP has an
> network outage.
>      We can't reach anybody by phone there so far.
>      This outage does not impact users on dial plan L which is using a
> combination of our own Pops and national networks and not related to YNP,
> nor does it affect non-dialup users.

This network outage appears to be happening again this afternoon; the
domain itself is similarly unresolvable.  I did get ahold of someone at
their site, though, and they are aware of the authentication issues but
have no ETR at the moment.  I'll keep trying for more information as well.

It does not affect Plan L or non-dialup users.

In fact, as I write this, logins are authenticating again on those A/B/D/E
lines.  The outage was only a few minutes up to half an hour; however, as
the domain itself was unresolvable for a time, it would have been something
other than a reboot of the authentication server itself -- perhaps a reboot
of their DNS server, though.