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Ultra1 Reboot - Kernel Load - March 7 00:00

     Approximately at midnight I will be rebooting ultra1 which is the main
file server holding user files, mail spool files, ftp files, web pages, etc.

     Dialup connectivity will continue to function during this boot but
virtually all host related functions will be interrupted for 10-15 minutes.

     This reboot is to load a newer Linux kernel on this machine.  It has been
117 days since the last time this machine has been booted, and so I will be
running a file system check on all file systems at this time which is the
primary reason the boot will take this long.

     Other machines will also be booted this evening for kernel upgrades prior
to this one but for the most part this will not be service impacting or will
only result in very short (30-60 second) interruptions.