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Various Issues...

     On our own POPs, ports have been added to Seattle and Las Vegas, and
address assignment problem in LA is fixed.

     On national networks, primary Radius at the reseller for alleron, qwest,
and inerpop failed yesterday around 4pm, was down intermittantly for about
three hours.

     It was discovered at that time that authentication did not roll over to
the secondary server properly as it should have.  This issue is being worked on
and may necessitate a few short tests where the primary server is intentionally
taken out to make sure rollover to the secondary works properly when the
existing problems are believed to be fixed.  If all goes well this should not
be service impacting except to cause a short delay (approximately five seconds)
during authentication.

     If all does not go well, it may cause some brief interruptions in
authenticating on these national networks but it is in the interest of making
sure redundant measures work properly to prevent a reoccurance of a longer