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Hotmail Address Scanning

     I know this is not is not going to go over well but I have been forced to
block e-mail connections from * because of address scanning
from various servers there.

     Not only are spammers using their servers to determine valid e-mail
addresses here to spam, but they are doing it at such a rate that it is
overloading our servers and interfering with the delivery of legitimate mail.

     I e-mailed and and all I got back
was the standard useless auto-responder messages.

     I attempted to call the number listed at the domain registration and was
told by the lady that answered the phone that they have no phone support.

     I informed her that their servers were interfering with the operation of
ours, that their servers were being used for address scanning and she told me
I'd have to call my local law enforcement and hung up.

     So there is Microsofts stance on spam in a nutshell, they allow their
servers to be used for address scanning and will not respond to telephone

     I don't know if servers in * are used for the delivery
of legitimate mail or not since I couldn't get anyone there to talk to me and
they ignore their abuse and security addresses, or at least don't respond with
anything except the automated responses.