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Sprint Dedicated IP Scheduled Maintenance Notification (fwd)

     This should not have any noticable impact because incoming routing for
IRC is setup to go to the other circuits if this one goes down and during this
time of morning the traffic is low enough that the two remaining T1's should be
able to carry it without any problem.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 15:23:14 -0400 (EDT)
Reply-To: Sprintlink PMC <>
To: Please Dont Reply To This Address <>
Subject: Sprint Dedicated IP Scheduled Maintenance Notification

e-mail sent: Mon May 26 15:23:14 EDT 2003
Purpose:   Network Buildout
Sprint ID: 13939
Ticket ID: 6266726

Sprint is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience
based on a portfolio of reliable products and services.  Because we
realize how important your network solution is to your business,
Sprint makes every attempt to avoid interruptions to the quality
service provided.  However, planned maintenance is a necessary
occurrence in order for us to maintain our network to our high
quality standards and to continually serve you, our valued customer.

All of us at Sprint appreciate the opportunity to provide a network
solution that meets your telecommunications needs.

During the scheduled maintenance window there will be an interruption of
approximately 30 Minutes.  For your reference the ticket number
for this maintenance is 6266726.

Your private line(s) impacted by this maintenance and/or the router(s)
associated with your service are listed below.

ROUTER:             SL-GW2-TAC
LOCATION:           Tacoma, WA
WINDOW (localtime): 00:00 PDT 02-JUN-2003  to  06:00 PDT 02-JUN-2003
WINDOW (gmt  time): 07:00 GMT 02-JUN-2003  to  13:00 GMT 02-JUN-2003