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Uniserve / UUNET Canada Out Of Service

     Access to Uniserve and UUNET Canada via the '' realm, that is to
say with a username that ends in '' is currently down as a the result
of a reseller inbetween going out of business and miscommunications with
respect to who was picking up what contract.

     We expect this to be resolved monday or tuesday; in the meantime, we can
transfer Canadian customers having an immediate need for access temporary to
plan W which ultimately is being folded into plan L.

     I had planned to make these changes all along but though that YNP, based
upon a previous conversation I had with a sales person at Uniserve, would be
picking up the contract so service wouldn't get interrupted if we didn't get
it done before everything was transferred to YNP, but that wasn't the case and
so it's down.

     I apologize, I did try to make this go transparently but communications
can be difficult.  The company that is going south hasn't talked to me in two
months and the folks at Uniserve are difficult to get a hold of making this
whole process problematic.