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Sprint IOS Upgrade

     Sprint is doing an IOS (Internet Operating System) upgrade on thier
routers in their Seattle and Tacoma POPs tonight.

     Tacoma will be reloaded first between midnight and 12:30 AM; this may
cause a brief interruption to IRC as BGP-4 rehomes the routing over the Seattle
routes but otherwise really shouldn't hurt things as two T1's should carry the
traffic fine during that interval.

     Assuming no problems with the new IOS, it should only take 6-7 minutes
so if there is any congestion it should be relatively short-lived.

     Then somewhere between 1AM-1:30AM they will be reloading the Seattle
router.  This may be more problematic because traffic at 1AM may still be too
heavily for 1 T1 (two of the three are in Seattle) to carry comfortably and
some congestion, high latency, and packet loss may result.  Again, however,
this should be for a short interval, 6-7 minutes.

     I apologize for not being able to provide more advanced notice; I did not
receive notice from Sprint until this afternoon.