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Re: Emergency Upgrades - Service Interruptions

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Nanook wrote:

>      That same vunerability is going to require upgrades to our POPs and
> various vendors that we use that use Cisco equipment.
>      When the comm servers are reloaded, it will result in all stable calls
> being kocked down, an outage period of 6-7 minutes, then you will be able to
> re-establish the call.

When this was done in California, the servers did come back up afterward,
but about two hours later, a router was lost in Rancho Cordova.  
Apparently this affects routing on the southern California lines as well as
our Nevada lines.  This is only on the teal lines for this particular open
ticket; technicians are currently working with Cisco techs to bring this
back up ASAP.

Alternate lines are available in the same and seem to continue working.