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Uniserve and UUNET Canadian Access Numbers

     Last week I posted regarding Uniserve and UUNET Canada access numbers
being unreachable due to the failure of a reseller inbetween.  The reseller in
question was Inercom Communications which resold access to Uniserve and UUNET

     Uniserve and UUNET Canada were not at fault in this outage, nor have I
ever experienced any outage with where either Uniserve or UUNET Canada has been
at fault.

     Inercom Communications did not inform us of their status until they had
already made arrangements to be acquired, and then the only notice I got was a
brief e-mail.  As near as I can tell, the acquiring company was never made
aware of the arrangements with Uniserve, consequently the service did not get
transferred to the acquiring reseller.

     Uniserve got us back up and running through a direct relationship with
them the monday following the weekend of the outage by establishing a direct
relationship with us bypassing the failed Inercom Communications reseller.

     Uniserve transferred the '' realm directly our Radius servers so
users could login and authenticate again within hours of contacting them monday
following the weekend of the outage, even before details of the contract had
been worked out and signed.

     I want to thank John Weyermars, the sales person at Uniserve, for his
assistance at making this happen rapidly and reasonably painlessly, and all the
support people behind him that made it happen for us.

     We are still working on bringing the '' realm back up on UUNET
Canada but we do have access to UUNET numbers through an alternate realm, so we
have a method of getting anyone affected back in service while this is being