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SSL Server & Services

     We swapped the drive from services into the chassis of the SSL server and
vice versa around 2pm today.  The SSL server drive functioned fine in the
machine that was services.

     The services drive worked in the former SSL server chassis but was flakey.
I went and picked up a replacement mainboard (which has the SCSI controller
built-in) and by the time I returned, services had crashed.

     The mainboard has now been replaced and it's up and running again but I
saw a little flakiness in the process of getting it up and running that has me
concerned the power supply might not be well.  But I'm not really sure if it's
that or just file system corruption that resulted from prior controller
problems so I'll watch it and if it continues to flake out we'll locate another
power supply.

     At this point the SSL server should be stable again, services may or may
not be, only your hairdresser knows for sure.