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SSL Server and IRC Services

     Yesterday our SSL server failed with SCSI DMA errors.

     In order to determine if the problem was with the drive or the SCSI
controller which is built into the mainboard, I swapped drives between the
SSL web server and the IRC services server.

     The web server drive ran fine in the chassis that had been IRC services.
So I left it up being critical to commerce of paid customers, and went and got
a replacement mainboard for the services machine.

     I replaced it last night and it came up and ran but was in trouble again
today with the same errors.  Since it had it's original drive which wasn't
flakey, and a new mainboard, the only thing that was left was the power supply.

     I replaced the power supply this evening but it's an old supply out of
another machine and the fan bearings are bad (making bad noises).  I'm hoping
it will hold out at least until monday when I can get a replacement.