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     Services is up but I'm not sure if it will be stable or not.

     I got another power supply and replaced the bad supply.

     The machine booted, ran through the file system checks, and then when it
came up into multi-user modem I got panic Sparc TRAP 21, unsupported device,
which is an error you usually get when you have hardware in a Sparc machine
but haven't included the Linux driver.

     I had changed out the LX mainboard for a Classic mainboard, so I thought
maybe the Classic had some hardware the LX didn't and that I, and by extension
since I built the kernel, Linux, didn't know about.

     So I put the original mainboard back in.  Same trap.  Booted several
times, each time it was OK until it went into multi-user mode.

     Took it back into single user mode, forced file system checks, brought it
back up and now it's running, but the checks found no errors.

     These machines consist of a mainboard, power supply, and drive, that's
it.  The SCSI, ethernet, and video are all on the mainboard.  The drive hasn't
been changed, nor was it a problem before.

     At this point I'm going to watch it.  I've got yet another supply to try
if need be.