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Re: Processes are waiting for a disk

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Derek Peschel wrote:
> ... that is, they show up in ps with "D" status.  Perhaps something is wrong
> with a disk controller or disk?  It could be a misconfiguration of egcs,
> but it seems to affect esh's operation as well (when logging out) so I
> suspect it's something else.
> Sorry if I'm telling you things you already know.
> -- Derek

     No, this is some weird problem with NFS not talking properly between
the shell server and the Linux based NFS server where all the user
files reside.

     For reasons I don't understand, about once a month NFS just stops talking
between Eskimo and the NFS server.  Other machines continue to talk to the NFS
server fine, Eskimo continues to talk to other machines.

     Mail is running the exact same kernel as eskimo and does not do this, it's
the same hardware as eskimo save for not having quite as much RAM.  Haven't
been able to make sense out of the problem.

     Eventually we'll be migrating Eskimo to a Linux box and eliminating the
remaining SunOS based systems.