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Sprint Dedicated IP Scheduled Maintenance Notification (fwd)

     Sprint is going to do a software reload the morning of October 6th just
after midnight Pacific time.

     Although they advertise a 1/2 hour outage, these usually only take about
five minutes to complete.  Two of our three backbone T1's for the hosts connect
to this router, and midnight is early enough that one T1 will not carry all of
the traffic without congestion and packet loss.  So you will see about a five
minute period of significantly degraded connectivity to our hosts during this

Purpose:   Software Reload
Sprint ID: 16861
Ticket ID: 6507121

During the scheduled maintenance window there will be an interruption of
approximately 30 Minutes.  For your reference the ticket number
for this maintenance is 6507121.

ROUTER:             SL-GW2-SEA
LOCATION:           Seattle, WA
WINDOW (localtime): 0:00 PDT 06-OCT-2003  to  00:30 PDT 06-OCT-2003
WINDOW (gmt  time): 07:00 GMT 06-OCT-2003  to  07:30 GMT 06-OCT-2003