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Western WA ELI outage

Western Washington ELI lines are experiencing fast-busies and
ring-no-answeres this morning, as well as modem-handshakes that fail to
connect.  ELI did change IPs on their radius servers, but those have been
added to our own for authentication/accounting purposes already.
A ticket has been opened with them even before I called it in this morning;
technicians are aware of the problem and are working to bring it back
online as soon as possible.

In the meantime, our other access numbers are connecting properly, such as
(I used Halls Lake number below to send this):

206-859-0014    DialAssurance           Seattle
425-533-0007    DialAssurance           Bellevue
425-367-0009    GlobalPop               Everett
425-648-0568    GlobalPop               Halls Lake
253-590-4030    GlobalPop               Tacoma