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Host Outage 11/19/2003

     The main file server, ultra1, which accidentally lost power yesterday died
today.  I could power it back up but within minutes the power would go off

     I replaced the power supply though I think the problem with the old one
was probably heat as the ventillation holes were clogged with dust.

     I also added a 2nd CPU to this machine so it should be faster.

     The repairs were complicated by problems with a monitor that made it
appear that the video card had died, and then another machine which I
inadvertantly powered down did cook a video card.  I had a memory upgrade to do
on that machine so installed additional memory while replacing the video card.

     Sorry this outage occurred but I did take care of two schedualed
maintainance items during the repair so that those schedualed outages will now
not be necessary and the performance of many applications should be improved.