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Re: Power Outage...

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Nanook wrote:

>      We had a short power outage but owing to NFS interdependencies and file
> system damage on our main file server it took a while to get everything back
> up.
>      As I write this everything is back up with the exception of the news
> server which takes a very long to bring up after a crash owing to the time it
> takes fsck to run on the spool.

The news server had a failure to properly see the drive that contains
the spool (and libs) for news, and was frozen when I came in this morning;
after a number of attempts, I left the machine and drive bays shut down to
cool off before trying it again, and it is now seeing the drive and running
the scans mentioned earlier.  ETR a few hours, but I'll keep an eye on it
in case it needs to restart manually.

~ Eric