Eskimo North

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     There are problems with the YNP network resulting from packet flooding (a
form of denial of service attack) of an upstream provider.  Unfortunately,
people being what they are, these things happen from time to time.

     If you are using a number listed as YNP on our website and experiencing
problems, click on the access city for that number and it will give you
alternative access numbers on other networks.

     The following is from YNP edited to remove information pertaining to other
networks which we do not utilize.


     We are seeing sporadic issues with authentication on both the YNP networks
at this time.  It appears we are experiencing a type of packet flooding issue
from one of our upstream providers, causing authentication issues to be seen
during heavy usage periods. I regret to say that we do not have a valid ETR at
this time, but are working closely with the upstream to resolve the issue.

     We thank you for your understanding while this is rectified.