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ultra1 and SMTP

Unforseen errors in a new SMTP server on ultra1 (the file server), even
after rounds of testing before making it live, caused outgoing mail to be
labelled as from '' on all mails rather than the specified
addresses; this resulted in, for example, mails from users here specifying
other domains to be listed as the wrong address for replies.  Delivery to
outside domains seems to have been affected as well ("user unknown" errors
locally when the distant server certainly does know the requested

I've reverted back to the old '' machine, but doing so
required reboots of the file server that had been hosting the IP (ultra1)
as well as the router to refresh IP-address-path (ARP) memories.  This made
POP3 and webpages inaccessable as well until it was back up.

The central idea here is to get the various machines onto one platform
instead of the current multitude of older machines with incompatable
hardwares, as well as to prepare servers for locations closer to the
bandwidth provider in order to ease up on backbone-to-us latency issues.

~ Eric

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