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Forged Virus: "Status"

Early Sunday morning, an attachment email was sent via this list
(outages-list) spoofed to appear to be from Robert (nanook) when it really
came from a mail server in Lithuania (*.lt) that did not have valid DNS.

    Feb  8 02:09:49 mx2 sendmail[15899]: CAA15899: from=<>,
    ... bodytype=8BITMIME, proto=ESMTP, relay=[]

    inetnum: -
    netname:      MVTV_NAT_6
    descr:        Mikrovisatos TV cliants NAT pool number 6
    country:      LT

The attachment ( appears suspiciously like the 'Mydoom'/'Novarg'
virus (same Subject, one of the listed file names, forged 'From' line,
etc.), so please be sure anti-virus software you have is updated if you
opened the attachment without realizing over the weekend.

I've added a rule in this list's recipes to prevent such address
spoofing/forging -- it had been in place earlier, but recent rebuilds of
SmartList had replaced the modified file (rc.submit).  Took a while today
to rebuild the rule from scratch and run some tests on my own inbox before
making it live in the outages-list ruleset.

~ Eric

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