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     Months ago we had a disk fail in the news spool and since we were forced
to go text-only because of the satelite company going out of business, we could
live with just three drives so we just reconfigured the spool for three drives.

     We didn't physically remove the dead disk from the case, it wasn't being
seen by the system at all.

     Linux numbers disks dynamically based upon the order it sees them.  Last
night I rebooted the server because inn was eating a lot of CPU, after it
booted the device was unclean, and will not complete a fsck.

     The problem is that the "dead" drive has come back to life, changing the
numbering of the drives when Linux boots, breaking the multiple device used
for the spool.

     We're working to determine which drive that is so that we can physically
remove it from the bus, then everything should be back to normal.