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News is finally fixed!

     News posting is finally fixed.  It turns out has one person
that can actually fix things and they've been out of the country for the last
three weeks and just return.  Before that he was off putting servers in a new
co-lo facility.

     They had me send posts to a different server and now they do appear to get
out, I'm getting responses from reflectors showing the path through that

     Because of all the difficulty we had getting to fix the
ability for our posts to get out to the outside world, I am looking for another
site that would be willing to accept local posts and propogate them from our

     Eskimo North ( is a small ISP with a shell server.  The volume
of posts here isn't large and the amount of spam will be low as all of our
customers are voice validated before they are given accounts (they leave a
name, phone number on an application, and we call back to make sure we can
reach someone by the name given at the number given who confirms they requested
the account).  Thus the anonymity that spammers prefer isn't present here.

     If you'd be willing to do this for you (and we'd be willing to
reciprocate), in order to improve redundancy and thus reliability, it would be
much appreciated.

     If so please e-mail nanook AT eskimo DOT com.  Thankyou.