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Re: Eskimo Very SLOW

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Steve Summit wrote:
> >      I messed up some routes testing with ELI earlier.  Should be OK for now.
> > Later this afternoon going to change routing so it routes through our Co-Lo
> > facility, so there may be some further interruptions at that time but then
> > all should be good and we'll be able to move machines in.
> Colocation facility?!  Really?!  Li'l ol' eskimo?
> Tell us more!

     I worded this extremely poorly; we don't have a co-lo facility, we have
a cabinet in a co-lo facility which we are moving equipment into, necessitating
changing some routing of our address space, which did not go smoothly yesterday
(and which I'm still not understanding why).

     This will give us a lot more bandwidth though, and a lot less latency.