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Maintenance Outage 6/5/2004 midnight-2am...

     We are going to be taking the main file server shortly after midnight and
a few other servers to do some hardware shuffling both to prepare machines for
a move into a co-lo facility and to address some stability issues.

     I have found Linux to still be unstable on multiple CPU's.  It's a lot
better than it was several years ago, but still will get a crash every couple
of months, where it will run virtually forever on a single CPU as long as there
is power, no hardware failures, and no exhaustion of resources.

     Consequently we're taking two servers that are presently dual CPU machines
and switching them back to single CPU boxes and putting new machines together
using those CPUs.

     It is my desire to provide reliable uninterrupted service and this is a
necessary step in that direction.  Moving machines to a co-location facility is
giving us access to a lot more bandwidth and on a backbone that so far appears
to have a lot lower latency.

     This will give us the ability to host large busy websites and eliminate
lag from interactive services such as shell access.