Eskimo North

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Maintenance Activity...

     I have to change the IP address of one of the servers at the co-location
facility.  I plan on doing this around 1AM.  Hopefully this will go smoothly
and only a brief outage in mail access will result.  But if something goes
wrong and I have to drive over to the facility to fix it, it may take several

     I plan to start this around 1AM this morning providing there are no other
crises between now and then.

     Originally, I was going to use a new IP block at the co-lo facility and
move a server at a time, but the interdependencies between servers made this
impractical, so after this server was moved, I ended up moving the entire IP
block to the co-lo facility.

     The result is that this one file server has an IP address in a different
block than everything else resulting in all traffic between this server and
other machines going through the router.  Right now this is not a problem but
as traffic scales up it may become a problem so I want to take care of it now.