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     We had a problem with webmail tonight that relates to a problem with
Linux's implimentation of NFS.  After enough data transfers Linux NFS hangs.
We had to reboot the main web server (ultra1) to restore webmail service.

     We've worked out a way we can change it so it will work off the server
that houses the mail files eliminating the NFS problem for webmail and the
stability problems it's causing for the web server.

     This will have a side effect of making webmail faster for those of you
with sizable mailboxes.

     We hope to make this change tomorrow (thursday 12/16).

     Fred, this is only directly relevant to webmail, not to mail using a pop-3
client on a PC such as Eudora or Pegasus.  However, the heavy NFS load it's
placing on the file server may be slowing mail for pop-3 clients as well so I
will be anxious to hear from you regarding mail speed after we complete this