Eskimo North

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AOL Blocking mail from Eskimo North

     AOL is currently blocking e-mail from our mail server that processes mail
originated by Eskimo North clients.  This does not include list mail, UUCP
mail, or automatically forwarded e-mail which forward via different servers.

     We did not receive any previous notice of spam or other abuse prior to AOL
instituting this block.

     I have gone through AOL's procedure given on the website it refers us to.
We are now in their "feedback loop" which is supposed to notify us of spam
incidents.  Apparently AOL does not feel the need to use industry standard
protocols such as using contact information in, everyone has to
specifically register with them.  And of coarse they don't bother to advertise
this fact until after we're blocked.

     They tell me that they are removing the block but that it will take 24-48
hours.  We have done everything we can reasonably do from this end.