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Incoming Mail Problems

     We had complaints from customers about problems of incoming mail not
making it from some sites.

     Initially it was one site, and everything else appeared to be making it,
then more and more sites started failing in this manner.

     We hadn't made any changes to the servers or the network here that would
have caused this.

     In our logs, what we would see is the envelope data being sent from the
remote site, that is what the site host was named, the "From" and the "To"
addresses, but the body of the message would not arrive, we'd see a timeout or
lost input channel from the far end.

     Without going into all the details, I found the cause to be two of the
real-time blackhole lists that we use to limit spam were unresponsive.  The
time the system waited for a response from both took longer than some of the
sites sending to us were willing to wait, causing the lost input channels and

     These two RBL's have been removed and this problem should be resolved.