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NFS Server Hard Drive Failure

     Last night on March 10, Ultra1 crashed around 11pm.  Ultra1 rebooted fine
at that time but died again during the night.

     This morning I rebooted but it came up with disk read errors.

     I ran badblocks on the disk, and although it only found one block solidly
failed, it did a lot of re-reads on many disk blocks indicating a drive gone

     This machine provides web pages, and also holds files for list mail
configuration, DNS, webmail, and numerous other applications.

     Because the drive was still readable, abiet slowly and with many retries,
I was able to copy the data onto a new drive so there is no stale data.

     This would have caused all list processing to stop, web service to stop,
incoming mail to be delayed [but not lost].

     The drives have been replaced with a brand new Cheta SCA LVD SCSI drive
and the machine is back in service.