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Router Change at ELI

     Well, just about everything that could go wrong during the attempted
change over from the Cisco to the Juniper router at ELI did.

     The first circuit initially moved without incident.  But when we tried
to move the second it would not come up.

     During several hours of trouble shooting the first circuit stopped
functioning.  Good link status on both ends but the Juniper would not route
traffic to it.

     During this whole process one of the ports on the Cisco router died,
which caused things not to work when we rolled them back resulting in a total
service outage while this was diagnosed.

     So at this point we're going to look into the possibility of upgrading to
100-base-T on both circuits which would both work around the problem in the
Juniper while giving us more net bandwidth (not that we presently need it, but
it would give us even more capacity if traffic got heavy).

     Meanwhile they're going back to Juniper for a fix of the 10-base-T issues.

     Everything is back to it's original configuration at this point.