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Network Problems - Trouble Bypassed....

     At this point all traffic has been routed off the defective circuit and
the occupancy on the remaining good circuit is only about 4% so there are no
capacity problems with just one circuit operational.

     Since all traffic is routed off the defective circuit, there is no longer
a service degradation issue.  There is zero packet loss, low latency.

     The reason for having two circuits is to provide redundancy for just this
sort of situation.

     ELI has not yet repaired the defective circuit.  For me it's hard to
fathom what could take so long to fix a 50 foot section of cat-5 wiring but so
far we're 3-1/2 hours into it and it's not yet fixed.  But at this point it is
not service affecting other than that we don't have the normal redundancy that
we would have with everything operational.