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[GPTix :9944] Ticket 9944 has been opened (fwd)

     This outage will affect many numbers on our national dialup plan. Numbers
that should not be affected include our own eskimo numbers, O1, Dial Assurance,
YNP, and Uniserve, and UUNET numbers.

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Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 02:48:12 -0400
Subject: [GPTix :9944] Ticket 9944 has been opened

			GlobalPOPs' Ticket #9944

	Ticket id : 9944
	Opened : 8/11/2005 2:48:00 AM
	Created by : GP - MarioD

	Original Issue : 
		- Looks like there has been some sort of explosion in Altoona PA which has
caused a wide-scale power outage. Right now our Gear has been up on
Batteries but they have been depleting. In a few minutes I am going to have
to shutdown our Equipment there to conserve as much electricity and to keep
from overloading our power equipment once power is restored.

We have someone en-route with a generator to provide backup Utility power
and to recharge our Batteries. As soon as they are able to give me the go
ahead, I will be restoring power to our Modem chassis and returning the
faculty back to operational status.

Services Affected: Dialup Modems

Duration of Outage: Until Generator can get onsite and provide backup Power.

Updates to Follow.

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