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Outage 4/6/2007 10:24 - ~11:40

     The ELI Bellevue co-location facility where our servers and gateway router
are located, lost commercial AC sometime this morning.  UPS power kicked in but
the diesel backup generator failed to start. UPS batteries ran out of power at
10:24 AM at which point all of our equipment was out of service.

     Power was restored some around 11:30 and by approximately noon all of our
servers were back online.

     They test this stuff regularly I know because I receive notification of
tests, but the generator just picked the wrong time to fail.

     Even if we had had our own UPS there it wouldn't have helped since their
gateway router would have also been down isolating our equipment.

     Presently there doesn't appear to be any air conditioning in the facility
so there is still concern about possible heat problems if it takes a long time
for that to be resolves.

     We are monitoring the situation closely and will follow up with ELI to
find out what will be done to prevent a recurrance and with respect to A/C
status but right now I do not want to take any of their resources away from
getting air conditioning, generator, and the immediate situation stablized.

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