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Maine Access Numbers

     A recent ruling regarding reciprocal compensation fees between telcos
allowed Verizon to terminate service to a carrier with which it was having a

     A dialup wholesale provider we use utilized this carrier to provide some
of their service on the east coast.

     They were able to re-route most telephone numbers to alternate carriers so
in most cases this will be transparent to the end user and you will not have to
change your dialup settings.  In some cases there are capacity issues because
more traffic was overnight routed to a carrier and it takes time for them to
adjust capacity.

     All in all about a dozen numbers weren't able to be switched to other
carriers are no longer functional, but more than 80 numbers were acquired in
the process of finding alternates, so the end result is we now have about 70
MORE numbers in Maine than we had previously and pretty much everywhere else no
impact at all.

     If one of the numbers you were using no longer works, please check our
website for alternates.

     If the number you are using is running into capacity issues and frequently
busy; on our website, first click on the state.  Go down to the
city in question and there is a preferred number there, but if that number is
frequently busy, click on that city and usually there will be alternates.

     If you find any numbers not working, please let us know.  I have removed
all the numbers that the carrier notified us as having been removed from

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