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Customer Service Outage / News

     We had a wind storm that was projected to have 60-70 MPH winds, but there
were gusts over 100 MPH last night here in this area.

     A tree limb came through my roof and ceiling.  We were without power from
about 1:30 AM last night until just after 6 PM tonight.

     Most of the servers are at a co-lo facility and continued to run, but the
morning customer service shift is still here and both power and phones were
out. Attempts to use my cellular phone for a long time just resulted in network
busy.  I finally got hold of my evening guy and he agreed to start early so we
had the telco forward the lines up there for us (since our phones were dead we
couldn't do it ourselves).

     One server that is still here is the news server, and when power came back
on, one drive wouldn't spin up.  It's an older Seagate and probably suffering
from the infamous Seagate Stictation problem.

     The end result was that I had to reconfigure the news spool and all
existing news articles were lost but new articles are coming in and being

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