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Server Problems

     Ultra1, one of our servers that handles web traffic and some NFS file
storage went bad last night.  It locked up around 3AM, no errors.  I went over
to the co-location facility, power cycled it, brought it back up, everything
passed diagnostics, but by the time I got back it was down again.

     Went back, power cycled it again, built a new kernel on the off-chance it
had gotten scribbled, on that machine.  Dug through logs.  Could find nothing.
After an hour of running, I closed up the cabinet and not five minutes down the
road it had locked.

     Went back and rebooted again, found that when I disconnected the monitor
it was freezing up.  These normally run headless but I connect a monitor and
keyboard to do maintenance.

     I suspect a problem with the video card.  On Sun equipment there are leads
that go from the monitor to the card that tell the card the resolution and
refresh rate the monitor is capable of so instead of experiementing with
settings, like you would on a PC, the system automatically adjusts to the
maximum the monitor is capable of.  So the system can actually detect the
presence or absense of a monitor.

     At any rate; at that point I took the hard drive out of the failed box and
put it in another machine I was getting ready to bring on-line and will
troubleshoot the other box later after I've had some sleep.  Been 27+ hours

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