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Re: Mail Filtering

     No, however I did find the cause while chasing down a problem that
Rebecca Rohan was having.

     A couple of the RBL's that we had been using have gone south.  The result
was sendmail's response was slow because it was waiting on the DNS servers for
these RBL's to response, and they were dead so it had to wait until it timed

     Still, not enough of a delay to cause problems for RFC compliant mail
delivery agents.  The spammers mostly don't use RFC compliant mail delivery
agents, they just blast it out.

     The problem is that unfortunately some organizations don't use RFC
compliant mail servers either, including certain major state agencies,
otherwise I would intentionally leave a delay in there as it gets rid of so
much spam.

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Christopher Dailey wrote:
> Last couple of days I've noticed a significant decrease in the junk mail
> being forwarded over to my gmail account and in my spam filters here.
> Did you make any system changes?