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     We are transitioning from maintaining our own server to an oursourced news
solution.  This will enable us to provide a full feed, including binaries, with
much better retention.

     I apologize that this has taken so long but there have been a few snags in
the road, web sever problems last month required quite a lot of attention to
repair some database issues after restoring from backups.

     We were originally looking at setting up a server in another co-lo where
we would have had the necessary bandwidth to handle a full feed; but that
relied on some inside connections, a friend of mine knew one of the owners, but
he was hospitalized and it looks like he's going to be there at least another

     So at that point I made the decision to go with Newsguy; we considered a
few others, but between sites that either didn't advertise a phone number
(Giganews), or didn't answer it when I called numerous times (Supernews), and
that couldn't provide everything we needed (too numerous to mention them all by
name), we have decided to go with NewsGuy.

     We needed a combination of IP based authentication for the shell server,
radius authentication for end-user news clients, the ability to host local
groups for us, and that eliminated the bulk of the providers right there.

     Then most providers only offered throttled ports; ports where the download
speed is limited to anywhere between 64k and 512k, and I didn't want for
someone paying for a 1.5 mb/s DSL connection to only be able to pull news at a
slow speed, NewsGuy offered unthrottled ports.

     Right now we're in the process of getting Radius setup as we need it to
work with this service; and also need to recompile all of the shell news
clients to use NNTP instead of direct spool access.

     The news server to point at when this is all said and done will be

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