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Web Server

     Had another crash of the web server, this time not heat related (AC
appears to be fixed), and not a mystery crash.

     For those interested in the technical details, kernel tried to allocate
memory for the kernel interrupt_handler process but could not.

     The defaults for freepages setting under Linux are reasonable for a
workstation on an Intel platform.  A busy server on Sparc, particularly 64-bit
Sparc, requires a much more generous allocation.

     Because Sparc is a RISC processor, it takes more memory for equivalent
code to do something, and because it has stricter alignment requirements than
Intel, data structures are also larger.

     On a busy server, more clients can request memory between paging cycles
and thus exhaust it.

     I've increased the low water mark for when it starts swapping agressively
and doubled the amount of memory reserved for kernel processes on this box so
hopefully that particular type of crash will be fixed.

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