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Telephone Outage

     Our telephone lines were out of service here for a little while this
afternoon.  The Integra (our telephone provider) NCAM folks said there was a
massive outage in the Seattle area but couldn't provide specifics at the time.
The ticket initiated still has not been picked up or closed so they still can't
tell me what happened, but the telephones are working again.

     The outage ended just after 3pm, started sometime after 1:45pm, though we
don't know the exact time because we didn't become aware of it until I picked
up the phone just before 3pm and there was no dialtone.  The last call we
received prior was around 1:45pm.

     This didn't affect the service other than the ability to reach customer
support by phone and UUCP would have been unreachable for a short while.

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