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Mail Mystery

     Yesterday and today the mail volume was lower than normal.  I had
complaints from four different customers regarding mail from Comcast being
delayed, in one case by almost 24 hours.

     Around 8:30pm, the mail volume shot up suddenly, to more normal levels,
and has remained so ever since.

     While traffic was low, I tested our mail servers; checked remote
accessibility of DNS, pinged remote locations, anything I could think of but
found nothing.  Web traffic did not decrease during this time to huge degree,
it did seem down somewhat but not outside of normal variability.

     So far I have not been able to find anything relating to any major network
outage, DoS attacks, etc.  Web traffic seemed to be unaffected and I was able
to browse other sites fine going out.  So whatever it was seemed to be specific
to SMTP.

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