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Network Problem

     Integra Telecom which provides the backbone connectivity to the location
we have our host computers co-located at is having problems on their network in
Chicago.  The local routers connect through other peering points so this does
not affect all connectivity but it does affect the reachability of our servers
from some Internet locations.

     This may affect dial-up and dsl authentication from some locations as well
as the ability to reach some locations from some of our dial access numbers.

     It also may affect the ability of some locations to reach websites hosted
here.  The failures are sporadic in nature which complicates troubleshooting.

     Integra was already aware of it, had a trouble ticket open, and was
working on it when I called it in. At this time the cause isn't known but they
are actively working to isolate and resolve the problem.

     I will post an update as soon as more is known.  I have removed from the rotory, use to connect to newnet, since
our servers are presently unreachable from some locations.

     Client servers hubbed to client.routing.hub may wish to re-route their
connection to another hub until this is resolved.

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