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Slow, Flakey Internet - The Planet Explosion / Outage

     Things have been slow and flakey all over the net this weekend, with a
number of sites not resolving or responding., a web counter company that we use on some of our websites to
track traffic and that is widely used on the Internet, is not resolving or

     I don't know if this is the cause of the outage but it is the
cause of many others, The Planet's H1 hosting facility in Houston TX suffered
an explosion and fire and as a result has lost power to over 9,000 customer
servers.  Apparently they had name servers for many of thier customers also
located in this facility.

     Although they have backup generators, the fire department is not allowing
them to use them.

     They are attempting to migrate critical services such as name servers, to
other facilities and are hopeful that power will be restored tomorrow

     So if your favorite site inexplicably disappeared from the Internet this
weekend, this may be why or may not, but it appears to affect a large number of
sites.  Again, I don't know if it's the cause of outage, but the
timing coincides.  That is causing slow loading of some of our pages on which
we have counters because your browser is waiting on a dead counter before it
can finish drawing the page.

     If anyone knows of any good web counters that database in MySQL and can do
analysis of referers, traffic, country of origin, etc, that can be hosted here,
please let me know.  I would prefer not to be at the mercy of someone 4,000
miles away that doesn't speak when things break.

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