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Web Server Trouble

     We had issues with the web server starting around 3pm today but to be
honest I wasn't able to isolate the cause before the trouble resolved itself.

     There was a DoS attack, a SYN flood on port 80, but it was low level and
the system is capable of sustaining a fairly high level SYN flood without
adverse effects and under ordinary circumstances this wouldn't have caused any

     There was an NIS communications problem where YPBIND lost it's ability to
communicate with YPSERV, but again under ordinary circumstances, it would have
just connected to YPSERV on another server without any noticable interruption.
It eventually did do this but for some reason it took longer than normal to

     The actual request rate did not change during this period from the
background level, it stayed at around 30 hits/second and this machine has
handled 90 hits/second during traffic spikes in the past and more than 60
hits/second sustained without any problems so it's not a traffic issue.

     The bottom line is I was unable to identify the cause and it returned to
normal operation on it's own without a reboot.

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