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Comcast Unintentional Denial of Service Attack

     There was something wrong either in the peering between Integra and
Comcast or within the Comcast network itself that caused approximately 90%
packet loss between about 1:30pm and 3:00pm Pacific time today (11/9/2008).

     This amount of packet loss caused a sort of defacto denial of service
attack as customers of ours with Comcast connectivity tried to read or send
mail or use other services here.  Their machines would repeatedly send SYN
packets not seeing a response collectively SYN flooding our machines, but
particularly bad was the effect on our mail server.

     The problem cleared itself before we could determine if it was within
Comcast or a peering issue; but we know it wasn't on our end as we had no
packet loss to non-Comcast locations during the episode.

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