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New Shell Server Crashes / Replaced

     Earlier today; about 8:00AM, the new shell server went into a state where
it wasn't responding to anything but pings.  I rebooted it.

     Around 1:00PM or so it crashed again.  I went and rebooted it again and
ran hardware diagnostics, looked through the logs; could not find any
indication of the cause.

     Before I even got back it crashed again; so I replaced the box with
another machine with the exception of the drives which I transferred from the
old machine.  Normally dead drives would be well flagged by console messages
and syslog messages, but there were none in this case so I don't think drives
were the issue.

     Hopefully it will remain stable, but if not there may be some new exploit
that we need to chase down.  If replacing the hardware doesn't fix it then it
pretty much has to be a software issue.

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