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Re: Outages

On Wed, 2 Sep 2009, Nanook wrote:

>     The outages today around 5pm-7:30pm were caused by me.
>     I attempted a software upgrade on the main file server.  Unfortunately,
> it required a reboot and made changes to NFS (networked file system) that
> caused the other machines not to be able to communicate without a reboot.
> Owing to dependencies between machines and travel time to the co-lo facility,
> that took a bit.
>     I was unaware that the updates in question required a reboot, otherwise I
> would not have applied them at that time.

Part of this upgrade process seems to have also reset the permissions to 
the incoming mail spool directory, causing users' incoming mail to be 
read-only in some programs (able to access and read, but not delete when 
using temp files, possibly affecting POP3 actions as well).  Permissions 
were restored this morning, and seems to be working normally again.

~ Eric

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