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Integera service cut off outage, lack of communication abilityissues, and server recovery.

     We were without connection to the world starting Tuesday afternoon,
about 3pm Pacific time until about 6pm Thursday evening.   This was due
to a billing miscommunication between myself and Integra, who provides
our T1 connection and our phones.  When we got our service restored the
mail servers and web server got hammered with traffic. Mostly to catch
up with the past two days of not existing to the world.  This overloaded
the NFS on Ultra1 and Ultra7 and caused both to crash.  We got
everything back up and online as of Friday 1:00am Pacific time.

     In the event that for some reason we are disconnected from the
world again, like we were this week, Eric and I are looking at setting
up a word press or forum or some sort of blog some place off site so we
still have some way of communicating to our customers about an outage
and about the status of such outage, should one ever happen again.

     There has been an organizational change with Eskimo North as some
of you have already heard, if you looked at twitter or saw the long
thread in the Ubuntu forums.  Robert Dinse has been sentenced to prison
for 2-3 years.  I will not go into why, or any details, as I wish to
respect his privacy. In his place I, Carl Dinse, his oldest son am
managing the business while he is away.   I will be making an
announcement in a few days regarding all the rumors that have been going
around about Robert Dinse and Eskimo North.  I owe a big thanks to all
of our customers for their continued support.   Thank you.

-- Carl Dinse
Eskimo North Inc.

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